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Westmont Cruise Night June 2022

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

On my wife Cindy's suggestion, we decided to ride our Schwinn Stingray bicycles to the local Westmont weekly cruise night gathering. Although we were not displaying a car there, we were pleasantly surprised by the attention our classic bicycles garnered as we checked out the local car scene.

For us, the standout at the show had to be this classic 1972 Nissan Skyline. The owner reported that the car was built to be a show car for SEMA but plans were changed due to COVID. At any rate, the level of detail for this build was outstanding.

Not a bad line on this car. Standout details were the carbon fiber fender flairs, the period-correct Watanabe wheels and the Singer Porsche-inspired woven leather work on the seats.

Under the hood, the Skyline was equally spotless. The motor was a Rebello-built 3.2 liter L-series SOHC engine featuring Jenvie throttle bodies and a Haltech ECU. Top shelf!

Parked next to the 72 Skyline was this 99 Integra! Obviously, after owning 3, we are big fans of the Integra and it was nice to see this spotless example being displayed at a car show. I was getting kind of burnt out on the local cruise night scene with the continued emphasis on domestic classic cars. The sheer number of classic JDM cars at this show gives me hope that we will continue to see more variety in the offerings at these shows, including the 90s era that we favor.

Another standout at the show was this classic Ferrari Dino. A beautiful car in a perfect color combo! I did not get a chance to talk to the owner, but I look forward to seeing this car again soon to get more details.

Obviously, we love Nissan S-chassis! It was a treat to see this S14 looking good in black. Although it had some small flaws cosmetically, it had great fitment and an interesting choice of body kit and accessories. Very nicely presented!

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