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Touge Factory Meet 2018

When I heard about this meet, I was excited because even after owning my S13 hatch for a year now, an opportunity had not yet presented itself for me to make a drive up to Wheeling to check out the Touge Factory facilities in person. Weather could have been better (it was crap!), but there was still an impressive turnout of S chassis, along with some R32 Skylines and Zs thrown in for good measure.

What more can be said about this car - David Lee’s personal S13 hatch? Clean, aggressive, and a showcase of the talent and philosophy of putting cars together at Touge Factory. Lots of cool details. It takes work to get a car to this level.

One of the things I like best about the build of this hatch is the fact the rear fenders are uncut. It reminds me of the old-school Ford Broncos - the trend used to be to cut the rear fenders to fit larger off road tires. But now, a clean, uncut Bronco is something to be celebrated. This car is proof that you CAN have an aggressive S13 with good wheel fitment without running over fenders in the back.

I never used to like S14s in red. But this car is proof I was wrong about that. It looked amazing. Love the Work VS-KFs with that super deep polished lip. 18s seem to fit a lot better on S14s to me, scale-wise. The body kit looks just right. Very clean.

Frank’s R32 Skyline Sedan is proof these were cool before Adam LZ got his. Frank drives his Skyline, and constantly stays on top of the little bumps and scrapes that come with daily driving a tuned import. Nice!

Did I mention I love hatches? This one was a tie for me with the TF hatch. Super clean presentation, with a little more street style vs. the track inspired style of the TF car. Work Meisters with all that lip! Body kit is not quite as flared as the setup on my car, and a bit more subtle. I did not get to talk to the owner, which is a shame because I would like to pick up on some of the finer details here.

A JDM 180SX hatch! On first glance, I didn’t notice this rare find sitting there. The right-hand drive should have been a dead give away. I guess I’m so used to seeing Silvias and Type-X kitted examples, I wasn’t expecting to see a JDM pig nose. Yet it still has amber side markers - quite curious this one...

Speaking of S13 coupes, this one really popped. Love the grill. Love the lip on the wheels. Max flash. Would have been cool to see under the hood of more cars at this event, but clearly the weather made that difficult.

The evil twin to the red coupe was parked right next to it. You’d need a neck brace after seeing just one of these cars on the street, so it can be a little crazy seeing a whole parking lot full of hooked-up 240s.

Coupes definitely outnumbered hatches at this meet. Which makes me wonder... what was the spit between hatches and coupes for S13 production? I’ll have to research that one...

Even though it looks black, this R32 was dark purple. It’s hard to go wrong with any 90s Nissan painted dark purple. I covet those Blitz wheels - also perfect on this car. I can really see myself behind the wheel of an R32 one day. Especially if it’s purple.

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