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Geneva Commons Show 2022

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

This car show was a new event for us this year, and although the weather did not play in our favor, we had a good time nonetheless. With a drive out to Geneva, it was a good chance to put some shake down miles on the Traction Avant. When the rain was at its heaviest there were only a few leaks in the cabin, and otherwise the car ran flawlessly. Thanks again to Russ of the Greater Illinois Classic Car Club of America for the planning and invitation!

One of the great survivors at the show was this Rolls Royce owned by John, who helped coordinate the event. Aluminum disc wheels were one of the eye-catching details on this car.

It was a rare treat to see this Packard Super Eight Roadster. Beautiful lines and an almost "chopped" appearance to the narrow windshield.

It was great to meet John, the owner of this 1957 Cadillac Convertible and a series 1 Jaguar E-type. It was John's first real drive since acquiring this Caddy and the car was a great example of what made Cadillac an iconic American brand.

John's Series 1 Jaguar Roadster was looking beautiful, even when the weather wasn't. It's easy to see why Enzo Ferrari was smitten with the design of this car. Truly an icon of design with engineering to match!

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