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Par King Mini Golf

Sunday, we decided to take the Beetle out to Lincolnshire to the Par-King mini golf course.

Par-King has been around since the 1950s, and sports two 18-hole golf courses with 19 moving obstacles and 7 holes with water traps.

Although Clay has been turning his nose up at mini golf lately, he really enjoyed this course because the moving obstacles add an extra layer of fun. There is also a roulette wheel hole at the end that can prove to be quite the equalizer, adding between 0 and 9 strokes to your game! Cindy ended up being the big winner of this tournament.

One of Clay’s favorite holes at Par-King was the Super Looper. Hit your ball in the correct slot, and it is taken for an elevator ride to the top, and then a wild loopy ride to the hole. Sadly, this did not lead to a hole-in-one for anyone in our group.

Another cool hole was this scale Willis Tower. Again, after hitting your ball into the correct slot, the ball took an elevator to the top, only to ping-pong it’s way back down again. Sadly, there was no glass-floor observatory...

This Soap Box Derby-themed hole was especially neat. By sister raced the Derby when she was a kid. On this particular hole, there were 3 different lanes one could aim for. Overall, the course was quite an interesting challenge.

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