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LA Car Spotting 2016

One of the best things about going on production in LA for me is the chance to soak in the car culture of the West Coast. People still daily drive interesting old cars there. They are everywhere. Old, new, everyday or exotic, there is a unique ride for any taste there.

Right down the street from my hotel, I spotted this Brute Jeep pickup conversion. These are a test to see if Jeep will release its own version in the future. It looks purposeful in this dark green. Dig the snorkel!

Just walking down the streets in Venice you can see some amazing street-parked vehicles. Like this early 80s El Camino. Showroom fresh in clean white. Stab an LS under the hood and you would have quite a machine.

The Subaru Brat! This is a favorite vehicle of me and my son, although in RC car form. Rust killed all the ones in the Midwest a long, long time ago. Sadly, this one was missing the bed mounted seats.

100% would daily this Burt.

This hood mural has the flaming chicken beat though!

Patina all the things! This pickup has the look everyone wants for an old truck. It would be awesome if it had a modern big block under the hood.

Look at this old badge. Take that, Professional Grade!

Shot a McDonald's spot last year with a sweet 70s van with a mural on the side. This one is the real deal!

Next stop was Malibu Kitchen. This Emory 356 was like a rock star in the parking lot.

People were gathering around just to get a glimpse of this car. It was really something special.

Even a rusted old VW pickup has cred in Malibu!

One of our locations on this shoot was at a Volvo/Euro Car Garage. Some sweet P1800 action there!

Our line producer at Caviar, Mike, was nice enough to let me drive his 1958 Porsche 356. A very nice original car, that isn't so nice that you can't drive it.

So many great details on these old Porsche 356s. And it drives so much more solid than my old Beetle - unit body construction definitely makes a difference, especially in a convertible.

Driving this was the highlight of my trip. And it even fit four people on our drive down to our beach location. A perfect car for LA!

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