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Jeep Cherokee Update - New Shoes

One time while going through security at LAX, I saw what looked like a homeless person getting frisked by security. The only thing strange about this bedraggled, long-haired, grizzled-looking dude was that he had a butler standing next to him. Upon closer inspection, I realized it was Eddie Van Halen. One think I remember distinctly was that the Chuck Taylors he was wearing were so worn you could see his toes sticking through. This Jeep's wheels were the automotive equivalent to those worn Converse. Only worn Converse are a fashion statement, and these were a safety hazard.

Steel rims were extremely rusted. Thanks salty roads! The Michelin Tires were Sams Club specials. They were dry rotted beyond the point of being safe.

We sourced a set of Jeep alloy wheels off Craigslist and then powder coated them black, for that cool, trendy look that is so popular with the kids these days. For tires, I went with some Yokohama SUV tires with some decent tread. The actual tires that I wanted from Discount Tire were missing from inventory, so they upgraded me to the Yokos. Score! Black wall is where its at - nobody rocks the white letters anymore.

Before and after. No contest. The single biggest transformation this Jeep has seen so far. Sadly, two of the old rims are still collecting dust in my garage. I can’t throw anything away. It’s a sickness.

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