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Hobby Town Race August 6, 2016

This was Clay's second time racing at Hobby Town in St. Charles. We find the event is well organized and the RC enthusiasts who are there are always helpful and fun to hang out with. Last time we raced, Clay borrowed my friend Joe's car. This is the first time Clay got to race with his new rig, a Traxxas Slash VXL, which is a 2wd Stadium Truck. Clay drove pretty well, securing second place in the first two qualifiers and the main event race.

Clay was all excited to race his new Traxxas Slash. A 2S LiPo was a little too much power for this short course, so we switched to an 8.4v NiMh battery.

This round’s course included 2 alternate routes - one without jumps, and one with 4 jumps. The jumps were slightly faster, but a bit more perilous. The Slash handled the jumps pretty well.

I also tried my hand at racing this week. The 2wd Stadium Truck race was one of the largest of the event. The competition had pretty advanced trucks with serious power and grip. I gave it a go with Clay's Slash. I kept ending up 5th.

I was performing much better in the touring car class until my ride broke a front c-hub, which put me out for the day. Bummer. But it was still a good time.

Clay had a good time racing his truck and hanging out with all the kids. All those years of practice are paying off!

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