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Geneva Concours 2015

This was my second year attending the Geneva Concours, and it did not disappoint. I will stand by my opinion that this is the premier static car event in the state. The display areas, location, and overall selection of automobiles on display is second to none. This year featured race cars from the 1955 opening season of Road America, as well as Jaguar, police cruisers and orphan manufactures - an eclectic selection to say the least. Below are some of the standouts from the show

The Porsche Clubs always seem to come out in force for this event. 365s, 911s, 944s, 928s... pretty much every model is represented in pristine condition. A 356 Cabriolet is so classic, it will always be a blue-chip collectible.

Of the orphan cars, this Muntz Jet was a standout. This was the first Muntz I ever saw in person, and it was a stunner. American cars of this era had a style and sophistication (and size!) that has never been matched. Color and presentation on this model were of the highest level.

A short nose Ferrari 275 GTB. Even though the "4 Cam" is the most desirable model of this series, many people (myself included) prefer the cleaner look of these early short nose cars. Alloy knock-off wheels are the crowning touch on this beauty.

Can a 1966 Shelby GT350H get any better than this? Original Paint! Original Paxton Supercharger! This one was a stunner and made me weak in the knees. One day...

It's a pity the production was cut short of the Jaguar XKSS because of a factory fire. This was basically a Jaguar D-type race car that you could drive on the street. The shape... sexy as hell!

We'll end this tour with an Italian-American hybrid with brute strength - the Iso Griffo 7-liter with the distinctive "Penthouse" hood appendage and the flip up headlights. This car was the end of the line in 1974 - like a big block Corvette with Euro flair. Love it!

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