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Father's Day Car Show 2022

We have enjoyed visiting this Father's Day Car Show at Oakbrook Mall for the last 15 years or more. This year was incredibly special because for the first time we were able to display two of our cars - the 1973 SM (pictured) and the 1957 Traction Avant. The show is run by the Greater Illinois chapter of the Classic Car Club of America. Thanks to Russ for great communication of details and for helping to coordinate this enjoyable event.

Oakbrook Mall is an open air mall, and we were positioned just in front of Hollister and the Stranger Things pop-up store. It was an appropriate location given the stranger engineering of our Citroen automobiles, including a hydraulic suspension that can raise and lower and a steering wheel that automatically returns itself to the centered position!

We set up a little village under some nearby shade trees that made for a quite comfortable day with some great weather. After wrenching on cars all winter, days like these make all the work worth it.

You make the best friends at car events! I was very happy that Bob, Linda, Sean and Ajay were able to stop by and hang out. I met all these friends back from my early days of NSX ownership around 2005. Something about that car really brought together a group of people that I connected with on many levels. While not all of us still own an NSX, we still share many common interests in the automotive world.

Becky, one of my very best friends from the DDB days, and her pup Hershel stopped by for a visit. After years of COVID lockdown, it is great to finally reconnect with old friends in person!

Besides our Citroens, there were a few other prize French automobiles in attendance, including this stunning Facellia Cabriolet. One of only a handful in the USA, this car features stainless steel trim pieces and a replacement Volvo engine - the original Facel-made powerplant in these cars caused warranty woes for the company. It was great to chat with the owner Kevin and learn more about this rare marque.

After seeing this 300SL roadster at many of the local car shows over the years, it was great to finally meet its owner Phil and chat about the details of his ownership of this car. Surprisingly, Phil also owns a Beetle Convertible and an early NSX! Like automotive minds...

Although the Classic Car Club of America accepts all auto enthusiasts, their focus continues to be Classic Cars produced before 1938. Knowing how difficult it is to keep our cars from the 50s-90s on the road, I salute all the enthusiasts who continue to display and drive their classic cars. This 1928 Packard is a fantastic example of the presence and elegance of these early cars.

This 1930 Cadillac Roadster was another standout, with its V16 engine and abundant chrome and detail. Cars like this are how Cadillac earned its reputation for American Luxury.

There is always a nice selection of classic cars from many different eras at this show, including this 1960 Chevrolet Impala. The windshield design and the chrome rocket on the sides really showcase the jet-age styling of this car.

It was a rare treat to see a vintage racecar at this show - a Locomobile Special. It's hard not appreciate the boat-tail design and the long, elegant side exhaust.

My favorite car at the show? Again, something is drawing me to the 1957 Corvette lately. I can really appreciate how these cars can go from 50s nostalgic in a color scheme like turquoise to street tough with this black with black coves and wheels scheme. Truly an American Icon and hard as nails in this trim. I love it!

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