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240SX Summer Update 2018

The 240 has been running strong so far in 2018. After the fuel system refurb, the stock KA 2.4 liter motor runs sweetly, if not loudly through the straight pipe exhaust. It was a rare opportunity to snap a picture of my car next to a white 1980 Corvette like I used to have.

The future of this engine has been weighing heavily on my mind. The 240 IS the platform for modification - the car literally comes alive with the right combination of mods. Currently, the most popular options for adding horsepower include 1) Add a turbo to the stock KA, 2) swap in the JDM SR20DET turbo engine, 3) a GM LS architecture V8, and 4) a turbo inline six, like a Toyota 1JZ or 2JZ. I don\'t want to turn the car into a front-heavy beast, so for me the first two options seem like a good balance between adding power and retaining the weight distribution of the car. Time will tell which opportunity best presents itself.

While the 240 was up on my uncle’s lift, I was able to get a good shot of the front suspension from underneath while it was loaded with the weight of the car. The lower suspension arm should be parallel with the ground. Same with the tie rod. As you can see, they are at a pretty drastic angle upward, thanks to the lowering from the coil over suspension. The cure for this, and the bump steer I am experiencing at highway speeds is to fit drop spindles to the front suspension. And adjustable suspension arms to add another level of fine adjustment to the suspension.

Yep. This ought to fix it. GK Tech front drop spindles. These were not cheap, but if they restore the suspension geometry and handling of the car, they will certainly be worth it. I went with the “grip” version that keeps factory geometry, except of course for the position of the axle.

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