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240SX Spring Update 2018

It took months to be able to unite both my Integra and the 240, since the 240 has been put away in storage. The header image is the evening that I pulled the 240 out of its winter slumber. So great to see these two JDM classics together. The 90s are a golden era of Japanese engineering.

Craigslist to the rescue. The Tomei 2-way limited slip differential that was installed in my 240 when I purchased it has proven to be a bit aggressive for street driving, and kinda sketchy in the wet. The solution seems to be the Helical LSD that was an OEM fitment to the JDM market S15 Spec R. I found one for sale on my local Craigslist for a far price, along with another whole S13 open rear diff and case. That way, I can build this diff without taking apart my 2-way in case I ever want to switch back.

Thanks to Eddy, I now have a clean OEM center console. I used some 2000 grit sandpaper and some special plastic polish to achieve a like-new shine. I was able to source a new ash tray as well, which should bring my complete dashboard back to a super smooth OEM look. It is getting very hard to piece together a clean OEM interior for these old 240s. Perhaps in coming years, when the emphasis shifts from modding to restoration, aftermarket companies and perhaps even Nissan will start manufacturing reproductions. Until then, the search is on.

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