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1972 Citroen SM

Black was one of the rarest colors for the Citroen SM. It's a shame, because black looks so good on its flowing lines. It has a bit of a Euro Gangster look to it! This car is equipped with the USA DOT headlights. Although not as pretty as the Euro light bar, in black the US lights seem to work.

Another unique feature of this car is the factory sunroof. According the BAT listing, there were only about 100 US cars with this sunroof option, which was installed at port of entry by ASC. It does fit flush and matches the lines of the car well, as opposed to the universal sun roofs that a lot of cars got in the 70s. Here, you can see the car in its fully raised suspension position!

One of the coolest manual shifter bezels on Earth! Also nice to see that this car still retains the factory stereo in the center console. Together with the gold anodized treatment on the trim this is one very swanky interior.

Dashboard is uncracked, and the interior overall is clean and presentable. Seats are the original natural brown leather.

This car has the 2.7 liter Maserati V6. A modern AC Compressor has been fitted, along with new suspension components. The engine runs very well and makes a great sound.

Classic Citroen SM teardrop shape! The skirts over the rear wheels are an interesting touch that adds to the streamlined shape of the car.

Jim owned an SM in the 70s that was black. An interesting feature on that car was the roof rack!

The SM starred in a holiday video for Ace Hardware. It had a James Bond theme, and the sinister looks of the black SM fit the part well.

Here is Jim with his 190SL and the Black SM. A similar shot was possible back in the 70s with the same two cars... and Jim!

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