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1960 Triumph TR10 Estate Wagon

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Jim and Stan's father Stanley owned one of these when they were new. My father learned to drive in it when he was 16! Very few were imported to the USA under the established Triumph nameplate. The car was known as a Standard 10 Companion in the UK.

This particular car spent most of its life in Utah until a Triumph enthusiast brought it to NY in 2015. He collected parts for the car, including a rebuilt Spitfire engine and disc brake front suspension, but he did not start in on the restoration. I could not find a TR10 for sale on the open market, so I contacted owners in the registry on the Triumph forum. We cut a deal with the previous owner of this car and shipped it back home to Chicago, where we immediately began to disassemble the car and inventory the parts.

After stripping down the car, everything was remarkably intact! The worst area of rust was the driver side rocker panel, and the dogleg area of the inner rear door frame visible in this picture.

The passenger side of the vehicle was in better shape, although the rocker did have a slightly smaller hole in the same area. Dogleg area of door frame appears to be OK on this side.

The only knock this car had appears to be on the driver's side rear tail light section. It was repaired (poorly) with liberal amounts of filler, which we removed before media blasting. It could have been a lot worse, but it will need to be addressed. The spare tire well, frame rails and structural elements all appear to be in good shape.

At some point a heater box was installed, and the firewall opening was enlarged. We would like to tidy up this area during the metal work stage.

Overall, the floorpans were nicely preserved. Although not clearly visible in this picture, the passenger side foot area has some small pinholes that will need to be fixed.

Although the battery box was in great shape on the bottom (surprising!), there was one small hole near to top front edge where it meets the inner fender apron.

In addition to the stock drum brakes that were on the car, it also came with disc brakes and a front suspension cut from a Triumph Spitfire. Obviously, there is some reconditioning work needed!

This is the stock Standard 10 engine and gearbox that was in the car. The valve cover was loose/removed, so some investigation will be necessary to see why it was not running.

The previous owner rebuilt this Spitfire engine with the intent to put it in this car, increasing displacement. We are researching whether this is a worthwhile move for the car.

These are the casting numbers that are visible on the Triumph Spitfire engine block.

Here is the main body shell after media blasting at Redi Strip in Roselle. Overall pretty solid, with some attention needed in the rockers.

Small hole at the top of the battery box. No issues with any of the frame rails.

Rocker panels need attention on both sides.

Floorpan has some perforation around the front footwell area.

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