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Tuner Evolution Schaumburg 2018

For the people who thought the Fast & Furious / NOPI tuner scene from the 90s is dead, you could argue that it's more alive than ever after attending a show like Tuner Evolution. While the Import Drag Racing Scene has mellowed quite a bit, the Drifting scene has picked up the slack for people who like their import motorsports even more loud and aggressive. The static car show scene for imports has raised the bar as well. What used to be colored vacuum hoses and skull shift knobs has become next-level builds that require equal attention for body, interior, engine and suspension. No stone, or bolt, is left unturned... or untuned.

At any Import car show, the NSX will have a seat of honor. There were many fine examples of the original NSX at this show. This white example has a host of tasteful mods that elevate the car without becoming too gaudy. Yes, NSX owners do have taste and this car is a prime example. Do you see what I did there - NSX... prime... oh, never mind.

There was a tuned "new" NSX in attendance as well. The Matte Pearl White is a color we could have only wished for back in the day. If it was my car, I would have kept the wheel faces black, to match the front bumper and greenhouse. But I salute this owner's individuality.

Speaking of contrasting whees, this Honda S2000 had some serious blue Volk TE37s. While this might be a little bold for some peoples' tastes, for a show like this I think it stands out perfectly. Do you think he street drive's this car with that carbon front diffuser on?

While we're on the subject of Hondas, this 1997 ITR was perfect. I'm a huge fan of the Mugen MF10 wheels and the Mugen wing. A great example of how a few subtle mods can really plus up an already perfect car like the Type R.

This 86 Corolla was ultra clean. I came so close to purchasing one of these so many times in the past. I wish I had pulled the trigger on one because they are almost impossible to find now, and I don't think the people who have one are temped to sell. This car is legend now.

This Nissan SE-R is for my friend Ajay who used to own one. Nicely modded and a stunner on the street or track. Hopefully it is rocking a SR20DET under that carbon hood.

A Pandem Nissan GT-R. The tilt front clip is a very cool feature. This car also sported some cool texture under the front hood wrap that looked like reptile scales. Back in the day we would have airbrushed a dragon on the hood and called it a day. This car shows how tastes have evolved.

But that doesn't mean there isn't room for a throwback trend. The lace airbrush and metal flake detail on this roof is pure retro design but very eye catching. As an accent mod for a plain old roof, it's a great way to add a little extra flair for a very competitive show circuit.

There were SO MANY tuned FR-S and BRZs at this show, it is very hard to make one stand out without taking things too far. The aero add-ons are bordering on overkill, but this car had a very cohesive style overall with some sick forged CCW wheels. Nice!

If an over-the-top show car has a place, this is where it belongs. This Vader Lambo went for it, and I think succeeded. My favorite detail is how Vader's gold necklace uses the Lambo badge as his medallion. It doesn't get any tighter than that!

When it comes to S Chassis, I'm in. All the way. This S13 Silvia was clean and classy. Proof that you don't need to try too hard to get attention.

Clay's favorite car of the show was this sinister black NSX. It had slightly wider front fenders which is a great mod - front wheel fitment was always a challenge on these cars. Clayton's automotive tastes are headed in the right direction.

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