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Mustang Memories 2015

The day after Woodward, Mustang Memories at the Ford Dearborn Headquarters is a must-see. Hundreds of Mustangs and classic Fords. Shelbys, Bullits, Mach 1s, fastback, notchback, Terminators and SVOs were all in attendance. Detroit is the heart of American Iron, and this show is backed by one of the biggest enthusiast bases in the country. Quite simply, it is Mustang heaven.

Although the California Special was mainly an appearance package, I think this one looks fantastic in black. Although I love fastbacks, I would not kick this notch out of bed.

1967 Shelby GT500 in Nightmist Blue. A similar car was gifted to Jim Morrison by Capitol Records after the success of the first Doors album. Wow. Just wow.

The 1965 Shelby GT350. Pure. Simple. Perfect. Shelby and crew figured out the perfect recipe for an American driver’s car. There’s really no need to deviate from that formula.

In 1966, you could get your GT350 with a Paxton Supercharger to give your stang a little more boost. I drove one. You get a comfortable cruiser and a screamer when you want it - best of both worlds.

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