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240SX Fall Update 2019

Once the suspension was sorted, the 240 proved to be a very satisfying drive this summer. The car tracks straight, bump steer is gone, and getting in and out of driveways and parking lots is a cinch thanks to the front lift system. Any modification that makes the car more drivable is a win in my book.

I had a blast taking the car to shows and meets ups. Here you can see me parked up with my friend Joe's heavily modified Toyota FJ. Joe is the owner of Chitown 4x4 which has grown into an impressive off-road parts business with an emphasis on Toyota trucks.

Having a back seat does make a difference, especially when it comes to having fun with the family. Here, we got caught in a light summer sprinkle at mini-golf in Schaumburg. Wet!

This summer the 240 shared the garage with some other impressive drift machines. it has been said, the only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys!

As I look to the future, the question becomes what is the final form of this car's body and wheel look. I keep coming back to this picture - this car has a Shine Auto Project body kit and MB Battles (or their JDM equivalent CST Hyper Zero-1s) in white. I'm trying to imagine my car like with these wheels and the Spirit Rei body kit.

The other alternative is to complete the Spirit Rei kit with wide fenders and some nice 3 piece wheels. Clay is leaning on me to go this route. I do love how it gives the car a more aggressive yet sexy Coke bottle look. Decisions, decisions...

For now, the 240 is put away at off-site winter storage with some very swanky company! The pain of the Midwest is putting away our cars for the winter. It's a long wait for warm weather and Spring can't come soon enough. But the question remains: body mods and wheels or engine and turbo kit? I'll have a few months to think it over.

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