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1998 Rover Mini Sportspack

The original Mini Cooper had quite a run from 1959 all the way up til 2000! Our 1998 model was the last of the series, known as a MK7 Mini. This model had the Sportspack fitted from the factory, which included the largest 13 x 6 alloy wheels fitted to a Mini, along with 175/50/13 tires, larger wheel flairs with body reinforcements, chrome exhaust tips, a quicker steering rack, red Koni dampers, and wheel spacers at the rear. We love the wide boy look of this car!

The Mk7 Minis were all heavily optioned cars with nicer features to appeal to collectors. What makes our car unique is that it is a "regular" non-Cooper Mini with the Sportspack option. Mini Coopers had white roofs and stripes and fog lights. Our car has a cleaner look with the body-colored roof. We love the metallic green paint - it makes the car feel even more jewel-like. Our car is also a left hand drive model, which we imported from the Netherlands via Mini Cooper World.

Mk 7 Minis are packed with features, including a driver-side airbag, side impact beams in the doors and special leather interiors. Our car is equipped with lovely Porcelain Green leather interior with dark green piping. There is also nice wood trim along the door caps and dashboard. Even though it is a fairly basic car, it feels sufficiently posh inside.

The Mini is a marvel of packaging efficiency, easily fitting 4 adults inside a very small envelope. Also visible in this shot is the cool center-exit exhaust. =

Mk7 Minis came with the largest and most powerful engines fitted to a factory Mini - the 1275cc Multi Port Fuel Injected engine. The car has good power for its size. Most people that have driven the car were surprised by now nippy it feels behind the wheel.

It is unusual to see a car as small as an original Mini on US roads. Here is our car parked next to a Ram TRX. It almost feels like it could fit in the bed of the truck!

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