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1992 Acura Integra GS Leather

And so began my obsession with Acura/Honda. After having a series of VW Rabbits/GTIs as daily drivers, this was my first real nice used car. Leather seats, 5 speed stick, sunroof, and a level of refinement that my previous cars just didn't have (Corvette included). This was from a time of big windshields and low dashboards - that gave an exceptional view of the road. It was not without it's issues though. My wife like to refer to this car as "Low and Loose" - the big coupe doors did rattle a little when you shut them, no doubt thanks to the frameless windows. I would have liked to have kept this car, but it began to show signs of rust and I didn't feel like paying for a repaint. Also, the change to an aftermarket clutch would produce the occasional squeal every now and then on clutch engagement. The DC stainless exhaust I fitted did sound good. I also tried a billet B&M short shifter, but ended up swapping back to stock after a period of time.

Engine for my GS model was a 1.8 that delivered 148hp. The GSR model, a 1.7, was the first car to feature VTEC - that engine was good for about 180 hp. As you can see, I like to keep my engine bay tidy!

I liked the front view of this model so much better than the DC5 Integra that followed with its 4 beady eyes. JDM versions of the Integra kept this similar front end treatment.

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