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1990 Subaru Legacy

The Subaru! This car was my wife Cindy's, which her father handed down to her. He also had another similar Legacy that was a little nicer. It was a reliable car, needed nothing more than routine maintenance, one fuel injector, and a front main seal - more on that shortly.

My reason for including a post about this car is merely to share a story about how sturdy the engine of this car actually turned out to be. By the time I met Cindy, it already had at least 100K miles on it, and a very bad oil leak. Shortly after we started dating, realizing that I was a car guy, she mentioned the oil leak and asked if I could help her with that. We purchased 4 quarts of oil from Pep Boys. I said that should be "more than enough." I checked the oil - dry dipstick. I poured the first quart of oil in and checked again. Still dry. I poured the second quart of oil in. Still dry! I poured the third quart of oil in - the tip of the stick was wet, just barely. I poured in almost the entire fourth quart of oil! Luckily, the engine continued to run.

We repaired the front main seal shortly after, along with a new water pump and timing belt. Other than that random fuel injector, the car was trouble free for years after that. Despite our best efforts, a rear suspension failure due to chassis rust claimed this car. It was a tough little bugger!

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