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1986 Citroen 2CV Charleston

We did our homework before purchasing this Citroen 2CV. Like all old cars, these like to rust and it does not take long for serious problems to manifest themselves. Thankfully, this car has led a charmed life. It was restored in Holland, with a new galvanized frame, new paint and trim, and a new top and interior. The car came from the Citroen factory as a Charleston. This car has a black main body (main body could be black or red, depending on production).

This car was imported in 2023 by Erik DeWidt of Classic Motorcars International. Several friends have sourced 2CVs from him, and he is very professional and seems to know what to look for with these cars. We have not had to do much to this car except put the key in and drive. And what fun it is to drive!

The car can be taken on the highway if necessary (top speed is around 60), but only for short stints. It is more of an around town car, and it is a very stylish way to get around. It looks so French and so different than anything else on the road.

One of the great features of the car is the folding roof. With the side windows flipped up, there is very little wind buffeting, yet it still feels like a convertible. This might be the best top down vehicle we have for the summer. Even if the temperature drops in the evening, it doesn't get too chilly inside. A very smart design.

The engine is a 602cc air-cooled twin cylinder. It has adequate power for around town driving and it sips gasoline, which is good because the gas tank is only 6.5 gallons. The engine in our car was completely refreshed, and it has given us no problems so far. Hopefully there are may years to trouble-free driving ahead.

Rear fender skirts are another distinctive feature of the 2CV. Charleston badging is visible on the rear deck lid.

The thoroughness of the restoration is visible here in the trunk, which is clean as the day it rolled off the factory assembly line. Take out the rear seats and the rear cargo area has a decent amount of space. But our car isn't going to be doing much more than hauling our family to car shows and ice cream parlors!

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