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1973 Citroen DS Convertible

This 1973 Citroen DS Convertible represents the pinnacle of French engineering and design. A Citroen DS is featured at MoMA and numerous other art displays. The DS was produced from 1955 to 1975, making this model near the end of the run.

It's incredible to imagine a car like this parked next to our 1957 Traction Avant in the Citroen showroom! The car had clean, futuristic styling and next-level tech and ride comfort with its remarkable suspension design.

The coach-built Cabriolet models such as this turn the sedan body into a long, flowing, graceful 2-door design. With its cloud-like ride and its roof open to the heavens, this car is truly like driving a dream.

In addition to the unmatched ride comfort of the suspension, the seats offer another level of comfort for its occupants. Supple leather and tasteful French design make this a delightful place to rack up miles between your costal villa and country vineyard. You definitely feel privileged to be behind the wheel of this car.

The engine and hydraulics of this example have been completely overhauled and restored. There are lots of eye-catching details under the hood, with the green painted hydraulic system components. The 4 cylinder engine shares space with the spare tire.

Henri Chapron was a famous French coach builder who first turned the DS into a convertible. Although his first examples had somewhat awkward proportions, he continued to refine the design up until the end of production, which included custom rear quarter panels and trunk lid and lengthened front doors, as this example has. Love that font!

Gold Citroen Chevron badge and Henri Chapron crest add a touch of class to the rear trunk lid. Exquisite details abound wherever you look on this car. We are looking forward to displaying it at many car shows in the future.

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