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State Farm Insurance

Helping make insurance top of mind.

Insurance carriers are some of the most innovative advertisers, and State Farm is a perfect example of a multi-faceted approach to brand messaging. In my time on State Farm, I found myself creating concepts that mined pop culture icons, enduring SNL characters, and real human moments to sell security to an insecure world. It was a pleasure to wear my thinking cap to hatch such creative and fun concepts.

It was an incredible experience writing for Saturday Night Live characters, and a perfect fit for State Farm. 

We planned a wedding in two days... and shot a commercial for the Quarter Pounder w. Cheese. This campaign lived happily ever after.

Click To See Campaign

Working in a :15 sec format forces you to tell a simple joke, and get right to the point of the communication. Simple is usually better.

My son loves the Cars movies, so of course I could not pass on the chance to work on an assignment like this.

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