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Capital One

This brand likes to go big.

Working on the Capital One Account is always a treat. Generous budgets mean extravagant sets and rubbing elbows with celeb spokespeople. I’ll never forget building an entire underground superhero lair or hanging out with Alec and Jimmy. Experiences like these, and lasting friendships, make the challenges of crafting these campaigns worth it.

This Capital One Cash Card campaign features everyone's favorite late night TV show host Jimmy Fallon. 

We planned a wedding in two days... and shot a commercial for the Quarter Pounder w. Cheese. This campaign lived happily ever after.

Click To See Campaign

To sell the Capital One Venture Card, we needed two Baldwins. Luckily they were both in a good mood that day.

This is my favorite Capital One Spot, featuring the ultimate game of dodgeball. Is this what it feels like to kick your own ass?

We created a super hero who could roll into a ball... and design his own credit card. It's time to get hungry for some guacamole. 

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