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Business to Business

A collection of B2B work with specialized messaging.

B2B communications require a unique skill set from a creative. In addition to a deep understanding of a client's business including technical terms and specific targets, it is important to remember that each communication is a tool designed to generate qualified leads. It is important to understand where a lead may be in the purchase journey, near the top or bottom of the funnel. Over the years, my experience in the B2B arena includes clients specializing in the manufacturing of heavy equipment and electronics, logistics, and even healthcare communications. This collection of my work only represents a fraction of what I have produced over the years – feel free to search deeper in the portfolio section for individual accounts.


Komatsu needed a simple way to illustrate the technical superiority of their press operations in the US. This visually arresting campaign set the tone.


In a global economy, AIT provides trusted logics support for the most challenging, time-sensitive cargo anywhere in the world.


The Chicago Health Alert Network is a central communication hub where healthcare professionals get crucial information on disease outbreaks including Corona Virus.

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