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University of Iowa Health Care

An Academic Medical Center with a difference.

As an academic medical center, University of Iowa Healthcare can provide patients with leading, research-based care that they can’t get anywhere else in the state. Yet they were losing market share to smaller local competitors that offered more convenient locations. Our mission with this campaign was to convince people that the expertise and care offered at UI was an important, live-changing choice.

Although UI Health Care did not have a large budget, we were able to extend the impact of this campaign with powerful TV, print, outdoor and digital elements that leveraged the bold colors and graphics of the UI Hawkeyes Team. We were also able to create a series of highly successful animated videos that leveraged important points of differentiation over competitors, including NCI Cancer Treatment designation and Phase One Clinical Trials. These videos lived up to their black and gold colors, earning Gold at the 2019 Healthcare Marketing Awards.

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