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Red Eye / Chicago Tribune

A campaign that gets to the point.

This campaign for Chicago Tribune’s RedEye newspaper was extremely popular, and executions can still be seen on the sides of delivery trucks around town. 

RedEye is a quick, easily digestible newspaper meant to be consumed on commutes and in-between times during the day (as opposed to the Sunday Paper which is more of a sit down and relax affair). The writing style of the paper is easy to read with a snarky tone. Just the details, served up in an edgy way to appeal to a younger millennial crowd. So it was only fitting that this campaign also pick up on those key brand attributes.

Outdoor is always a challenge, because it forces you to get to the point. I think this campaign nails the tone perfectly.

FRANK Book 9-2518WEB.jpg
FRANK Book 9-2519WEB.jpg
FRANK Book 9-2520WEB.jpg
FRANK Book 9-2520WEB.jpg
FRANK Book 9-2523WEB3.jpg
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