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McDonald's Sirloin Third Pound Burger

How much content can a team produce in one day?

Did you try one of McDonald’s Sirloin Third Pound Burgers? You had your chance – we gave you 32 different reminders over the course of 32 different days.

Did we have 32 days to shoot all this content? No. We had one day with our spokesperson Max Greenfield. One. Jam-packed. Day.

McDonald’s New Sirloin Third Pound Burger was a limited time offering that was only going to be around for a 6 week window. We needed to motivate consumers to get off their keisters and get into McDonald’s to try this burger before it was gone.

But this burger was special. So not just any reminder would do.

We came up with the idea of having a different, unique reminder each day, which for the media window amounted to 32 different executions. And we only had enough budget to shoot for one day.

These reminders were part of an integrated campaign that spread out over a 32 day period across Television, Radio, and digital mediums including Facebook and Twitter.

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