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McDonald's Shakin' Flavor Chicken McNuggets

Most. Fun. Shoot. Ever!!!

After seeing a trampoline wall performance at Ringling Brothers Circus a few years ago, I mentally filed away the sheer coolness (and difficulty) of this amazing skill. Fast forward to the latest iteration of McDonald’s Shakin’ Flavor Foods – Chicken McNuggets. In this case, the fun nature of shaking the product to season it fit perfectly with the wild ride that is Tramp Wall. Only we took it a level higher and set the spot on the top of a building in Downtown LA. It’s a 15 foot drop from the ledge to the tramp. And off the side of the tramp – another 2 stories down. Yep, this was one for the stunt professionals. Special thanks to Scott and Jason for putting their necks on the line!

Radio was an even bigger experiment. We took a field trip to a local health club and I volunteered to strap myself into the modern equivalent of the old-timey vibrating exercise machine called a Power Plate. It’s a mind blower, and the vibrating effect sticks around for quite some time. Talk about a head rush. Anything to make a radio spot stand out!

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