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Nuvance Health Launch Campaign

Creating a new brand image that punches well above its budget.

Nuvance Health is a new health system created from the merger of Health Quest and Western Connecticut Health Network. We helped create a new brand identity as well as an integrated launch campaign. 


There was a desire to create new video content to help launch the brand. Budget was tight, and we did not like the idea of using off-the-shelf stock footage to create a look and feeling for this new brand. 


We were able to shoot this spot locally in Glen Ellyn and Lincolnshire with local talent. By maximizing resources, and thinking creatively about how we could use each location, we were able to turn a 1 day shoot with heavy stock footage usage into a 2 day shoot with its own unique look and feel. 

We were also able to capture enough footage to create four unique :15 spots that will run on digital and pre-roll formats.

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