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Chicago Department of Public Health

Making a difficult conversation a little easier.

It’s not easy talking about Sexually Transmitted Infections and Diseases. Because of lack of information, misinformation, and just plain embarrassment, young people under age 24 are one of the highest risk groups for contracting STIs. This campaign from the Chicago Department of Public Health is helping to change that.


We started with the creative concept that felt like a PSA campaign… with a twist. Instead of saving the whales or the rainforests, we encouraged people to help save the wieners, kitties, buns and other euphemisms for their most precious parts. While the kitties in the visuals might not be in trouble, the body parts with similar names most certainly are without education about STI awareness and prevention. 

This campaign was extremely successful in both raising awareness and garnering attention in and around Chicagoland. Media included various digital mobile platforms like Snapchat and Twitter as well as traditional outdoor, print and radio formats. This campaign also raised awareness at award shows as well, winning gold at the 2019 Healthcare Marketing Awards.

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